Our company provides you with an economical way to have a customized fence at  LRAFB. 
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​     We are now installing on a limited basis. Please note we rent the fence. In some cases we only have to install the gate but you are renting the entire fence and that is what the monthly fee is for. 

      At the request of  Hunt, we offer rental fencing in base housing. We provide an alternative to buying a fence by charging you for installation when necessary, a two month deposit and a monthly rental fee. Current rates are $1.50 per foot of fencing for installation and $0.25 per foot each month for your rental fee. The installation, deposit and first month's rent are due prior to installing the fence.

     Once you put in a request, we will send someone by to meet with you about your specific needs. Once you approve the estimate, we will put you on the installation list.  There is usually a waiting list which varies due to weather and other factors but we will have your fence up as soon as possible. 

     If we already have a fence installed at your residence and you will only need the gate installed, please include this information when submitting your request form. This will save you from paying an installation fee and you will be able to just begin paying rent plus a 2 month deposit. Please--do not close or block your fence.

     If you or your spouse are needing expedited service due to upcoming deployment, please include this information in your request along with your timeframe. Those in this situation will be given priority.

Thank you.

    If you have questions or concerns and need to contact us for any reason, we ask that you use the forms provided on this site whenever possible. Or please contact us by email at beesfencerental@sbcglobal.net. We need your name, email and phone number to start an account. 
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